What Do We Do?

Our specialty is leadership positioning, for people, brands, products and services, organizations.

This means not only developing the messages that will reach your markets with impact and persuasion.  It also means staking out the go-to reputation for an organization.  When a client’s industry is discussed, its CEO, senior management team, or technology team is thought of the best in class.

When prospects ask themselves, “Who makes the best products in our industry?” the client organization comes to mind.

When industry event organizers ask themselves, “Whom should we invite to assess the state of our industry, the client CEO comes to mind.

When industry analysts consider, “Who is the technology leader?” the client’s scientists and engineers come to mind.

Subsidiary Services

We have extensive experience in:

  • Crisis counsel and communications
  • Integrating social media into a communications plan
  • Writing – annual reports, speeches, articles, news stories, website and blog copy