Here are comments from clients, former clients, and colleagues

“Ryan Wellnitz & Associates worked with us to establish our company, Insulet® and brand, OmniPod® (the first tubeless insulin pump), when we needed to raise capital and launch ourselves into the marketplace.  Their program focused on innovation and product design award entries and technical media coverage, to calibrate media outreach during manufacturing start-up.  Insulet won all four of the design award programs entered in a single year and earned significant coverage in the medical device media read by industry analysts.  The agency also arranged for a teen singing idol to reveal at an event sponsored by the Diabetes Research Institute that he was using OmniPod®, generating millions of YouTube views.  With the help of Ryan Wellnitz & Associates, we were well-positioned to deepen market penetration, and for the IPO that soon followed.”

— Shawna Gvazdauskas, former Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Insulet Corporati

“With assistance that ranges from original writing to editing to coordination with editors – and often includes all of that – the agency has had outstanding success placing articles in publications read by the audiences we need to reach.”

— Althea Masterson, Corporate Communications Manager
Woodard & Curran

“As we wrap up our most recent PR partnership, we thank you for being extraordinarily strategic, reliable and creative in your solutions. Thanks for also providing us with wise and effective counsel based on your wide network of contacts, as well as with your highly professional team.”

— Laurence and Susan Mach, Partners
Laurence & Susan Mach Creative Services

“It has certainly been a pleasure working with you and your team. As a result of this article (in MD&DI), we already have a developmental robotics project underway for a major orthopedics customer.”

— Ed Reitz
Saint-Gobain Abrasives, North America

“Your knowledge of the technical publishing community, contacts with editorial staff and willingness to closely work between us and the publishers in spite of tight deadlines have always impressed me.”

— Dr. K. Subramanian, Director
Grinding Technology
Higgins Grinding Technology Center, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, North America

“I have just looked over the PR results binder and am proud to forward it on to the management group. Between the feature articles and news releases, our major brands are very well represented in all the target publications (print and online). The Ryan Wellnitz & Associates team works well together and the work you do continually establishes our brands as the source of abrasives know-how in the industrial marketplace.”

— Barry D. Cole Manager, Industrial Marketing and Marketing Communications
Saint-Gobain Abrasives, North America

“This is just to let you know that OTC Show Technology Conference was a success, thanks in no small part to your help. The show was bigger than ever (it spilled over outside and into the stadium) and set new attendance records. Thanks for your efforts.”

— Lou Watkins, P.E.
Vice President, Cuming Corporation

“We’ve come a long way. Thanks for your support and advice over the years. I still hold the ‘act like a leader if you want to be a leader’ advice close when I think about how we will act as a firm.”

— Doug McKeown, CEO
Woodard & Curran